Reply To: Can’t afford to carry on with mortgage payments


“Assuming that is £750 per month, is there a good covenant? ” – Strength and reliability of tenant, together with terms of lease.
Not boardroom talk, just something any investor tends to be aware of.

“£750,000 per month per property net of all costs including mortgage payments on a 6 months tenancy,is that good ?
” – Are you saying that the rental income per property is £750,000

“As I said the valuation is 10 to 15% under what is being obtained for these properties. ” – So not true valuation then, just what the neighbours have sold for.

“Now I am confused as far as many can see you advise of the forum on this very topic almost everyday. ” – Never advise, just comment and state opinion. How can you advise when you don’t know all circumstances?

“Gosh I am suprised that you would deal with such a paltry amount when your comment that my friend have made over £800,000 in 6 years was hardly life changing.” – If the yields are there,it is worth dealing @ £100K
Have never said it wasn’t life changing, just quoted yourself “”made for life” How can I not agree with it not being life changing, when I know nothing about the person?
Ever worked out what you need to have a good secure life for the next 40 years or so?

“Great that this forum can be of interest to someone with all of your experience” – Agreed, just a pity some others are not prepared to learn from it, as I do.

“kind as to cast your views on investments some of us have properties in Spain.
I take it you have or have had interest in that sector. “
I have interests and no, would never advise.


Your welcome.