Reply To: Can’t afford to carry on with mortgage payments


@goodstich44 wrote:


yes, i’m expecting the ‘nobody held a gun to their head’, ‘it was their fault for not doing their homework’, ‘they should take responsibility for their own actions’……..yawn yawn.

seems it’s fine by some, to be a liar, a cheat, a conman, but to make a mistake, to be naive, to trust the word of someone you have paid to act on your behalf…….no no no, that’s evil that is!

i’d don’t think anybody has suggested that the dvelopers, and agents who have behaved abismally are OK but that doesn’t absolve people of their responsibility either. Also, who are these people you are paying to act on your behalf? one of the flaws with the spanish property market is that the only person you pay to act for you is your legal adviser although many others will claim to be acting for you but get their commission from other parties, hence how can they ever really be acting for you.