Reply To: Spanish property market 2007/2008 report discussion


rob6578 wrote:
A colleague bought in the early 90’s near Torreveija, paid £12,000 for a 2 bed villa, he is very unhappy now as he thought his place was worth around £150,000 & he has been told now it is only £120,000. He is moaning that he has lost £30,000, I tell him that he has made over £100,000 but he can’t see it.

Not every-body is a loser, even now.

It might be that if somebody buys in Spain in 2010-2011, that person can have a good equity in 2020. Whereas if somebody buys in 2008, the price in 2020 might be the same.

Same applies to UK where houses are now on top of the money.