Reply To: Community Fees Payable ?



Hi Suzanne

It depends on which Region, it is not a clear question, now we have a legal loophole in some Spanish Regions because in their Regional Acts is not provided anything about this obligation for notaries. For instance in Murcia a Notary can authorize the sign of purchase deeds because the regional act (Decreto Legislativo 1/2005) about this issue says nothing about the obligation of the “Notario” regarding the FLO. The Notaries say that is applicable the Regional Act not the General Act for Spain (Ley del Suelo). It is very difficult to argue with an official body like the Notarios because they are powerful interpreting law. It must be changed the law or issue some kind of Decree like in Catalunya where the role of the Notary is quiet important in this scrutinies. As you know, today in Andalucia Murcia or Valencia hundreds of deeds are signing without FLO and nothing happens