Reply To: Spanish property market 2007/2008 report discussion



His attention to detail and care for his clients was exemplary. A true German with very high personal standards. Not one serious complaint in all his time developing property in Spain.

I am sure that if you Google CHG in Denia you will be able to reach him. I have lost touch with him since leaving Spain.
I always thought that although the CHG properties looked very nice the standard was pretty poor and the properties very expensive for what they were. But that is my opinion plenty will disagree I am sure.

With regard to the property in Monte Pego, thought it an awful development, the constructor acted like the commandant of a nazi concentration camp, people were not allowed to do any works on their own the in house builder had to be used. This may have changed now but certainly was the case, I think putting up satellite dishes was a big problem and telephone lines were not allowed above ground . Looking at the house there are lots of stairs a usual problem with Monte Pego, when one is reasonably young and active this is not a problem but as the years go on and mobility decreases carrying gas bottles, heavy shopping can be a real pain. The development is miles from a decent shopping centre and hospitals. Many people have moved to this type of property and it has been ok for a few years then the male cannot drive any longer through ill health and the female can´t or does n´t want to drive, they have to rely on friends which they, the friends, put up with for a while. The worst scenario is when the male dies and the female has to face the problems on her own, lugging gas bottles, shopping etc.

Property has been a wonderful investment over many years, but as we are seeing now selling can be a problem. With so much property around for sale I would have thought Monte Pego would be pretty low on a buyers list.