Reply To: Spain slips down the list for Investors.

katy wrote:
I think 😕 I understand what Peter is saying. If an estate agent told their clients not to buy for a couple of years they may as well shut up shop. Same as the other lifestyle stuff, it really is down to the buyer to do their own research. Likewise if an agent says the land opposite is green belt, never take their word for it. As he says if they ask about schools for the kids, what agent would say “they are rubbish and they will be bullied” I wouldn’t if I were an agent 😉

As for some agents now being “honest” and saying prices are crashing…this is the new sales patter, quote]

You must take the credit katy, you have fully understood my point. I would not want to shut my shop because the boom has ended and prices are falling. I am simply selling my properties for less each time they come down and will no doubt do so for some time to come.

Katy you are also right that the drop in prices is being used by agents as as a new sales pitch.

But many buyers walk in and say “is this a good time to buy”. I could say no or I could say yes. It depends on their circumstances. If they want to live in Spain and have sold in the UK then they may as well buy where they want to live, they have to live somewhere.

As for the kids being bullied at school, the clients off-spring may well be the ones doing the bullying, or worse, the drug dealing and knife carrying.

The only thing I am certain of at present, is that there are still people buying homes in Spain.