Reply To: Spain slips down the list for Investors.


I think 😕 I understand what Peter is saying. If an estate agent told their clients not to buy for a couple of years they may as well shut up shop. Same as the other lifestyle stuff, it really is down to the buyer to do their own research. Likewise if an agent says the land opposite is green belt, never take their word for it. As he says if they ask about schools for the kids, what agent would say “they are rubbish and they will be bullied” I wouldn’t if I were an agent 😉
My grouse would be with agents (for example in marbella) who knew what was happening and that some developers were building illegaly, or a certain developer had a bad reputation.

As for some agents now being “honest” and saying prices are crashing…this is the new sales patter, it has replaced the buy now and it will be worth 30% more when completed. Heard on the grapevine that agents are telling sellers to mark up what they want for their property because clients are expecting large discounts. Eg. you want 200,000 for an apartment, ask 235,000 and settle for 195,000 not really a reduction after all…just an MFI sale 🙄