Reply To: Exchange rates



I didn’t claim ‘to know better’ nor did I ‘dismiss an agent’s observations’.

I asked Peter to clarify whether there were *significant* numbers ‘desperate to go at any price’ in his particular area.

Peter has previously stated where his office is located, and because I have a rental property nearby, you might appreciate why I asked the question.

I followed that up by giving my *impression* of what Brits are currently doing in my home area, a CB inland village.

If UK-owned casa de campos are going for ‘crazily low amounts'(compared to last year) in Peter’s home village, again you’ll probably appreciate why I asked the question.

As it’s an ‘area thing’ with us both living/working in different parts of SE Spain, there might be a ‘resemblance’ in the near future.

By the way, this particular sock factory owner knows that region very well, having previously worked for an EA based there.

Did your dog bite you tonight?