Reply To: Gas Bottles indoors


Hi Dave,

Many thanks for the reply and ‘yes’ I am cautious about gas inside.

Up in the Asturias (Northern Spain), especially in the mountain villages – gas bottles inside are very common – you can even buy large hob / oven ranges with a comparment to place the gas bottle inside.

Interestingly enough, properties have buried oil deposits inside the curtalage of the house – dig a bloody great hole in the garage and drop the deposit in.

As my property has no land, the above solution is a good one for me but I’d rather use gas, especially as the house is on the village square and I’d rather not pump out smelly oil exhaust, for all to savour.

I’m going to ask my Architecto Technico if its possible to have a gas depot buried inside – if not, then gas bottles, and if this is a silly idea then I’m back to the oil deposit solution.