Reply To: Spanish developers going bust


There has been a lot of political pressure from the Spanish government and the Catalan government (Generalitat) on the banks to do a deal. The last thing the government wants is one of Spain’s biggest developers to go bust just before a general election. Smaller developers won’t get the same help. I hope the stock markets punish banks like Barclays and DB for being such fools with their shareholders’ money.

I just knew this was going to happen. The PP, the opposition party, is keeping very quiet about this sort of thing, demolitions etc , there is tremendous political capital for them. But they keep mum say the economy is in a mess and leave it at that. Think the PP would n´t mind losing this election as the chickens will really come home to roost when the election is over, the mess will probably take the life of the next parliament to sort out, the PP will be swept to pwer with a landslide majority and the cobblers party will be in the wilderness for 15 years, similar pattern to the Tories in the UK many voters still reluctant to vote for them as they still remember Black Wednesday which was 15 years ago.

I fear the effluent will really hit the airconditioning when the election is over on March 9th.