Reply To: Estate Agents STILL misleading purchasers


In reply to the criticisms of my last posts;(and yes Charlie, I do get it, and have been getting it all along. Aren’t you? Maybe that’s your problem?
And yes Charlie, I do read everything properly, and quite intensely, although my comments were of a generalising nature.

Firstly, I stand by everything I said, in all of my posts of last night, and for the member who obviously doesn’t understand the posts by Just Frank, that I endorsed, I will explain it again, as simply for him as possible.
As Estate agents, we are employed by the vendor. The vendor agrees to pay us a commission. We offer the property for sale. We find a buyer. The buyer makes an offer, usually a lot less than the vendor wants to sell for. We negotiate between both parties, to find a mutually agreeable price. We succeed, and that success is dependant upon the current market conditions. The sale moves to contract, and hopefully completes, to the satisfaction of the three parties. The lawyer gets paid, then we get paid. Who pays us? The vendor, or his lawyer may write the cheque, but where did the money come from? The purchaser. So who is our client? Obviously the vendor at the beginning, but later on in the transaction, the purchaser definitely becomes very, and crucially important, in the transaction, and we mustn’t forget, probably a future vendor for us, albeit, possibly many years later. And he/she provides the cash for the transaction to proceed. In my opinion, the vendor and the purchaser are equally important, and for that reason should be both considered as clients, although the estate agent should never lose sight of where his instructions arose from originally, without which, his existence would be severely compromised.
By the way goodstich44, whose side are you on? You’ve criticised me, but practically endorsed what I said in my posts, although in different words. What’s the point of that?

I’m shocked by the bitterness of some of the posters in this forum, and I may be quite a new contributor, Charlie, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t followed the forum for quite some time, and that I haven’t studied all the postings by certain members. I would invite any visitor to this thread, and indeed the whole forum, to do the same, and study carefully the posts, of each individual poster.
What you will find generally, is that a whinger now, has consistently been a whinger throughout the length of their participation here. My opinion is that these are generally, (I will have to keep using that term or I will give Charlie a chance to nit-pick again, and he loves to do that!) people that have bad experiences, in a property purchase, and I sympathise with them all. I know why it hurts so much, it was one, if not the biggest financial transactions of their lives. I would have felt the same, and I nearly came a cropper here, during my first purchase of a plot. I was very, very careful, I used a great Spanish lawyer, who I will always use, bought privately(which I said I wouldn’t do), and then endured 6 months of hell, from the crooked and totally psycho Swede that I bought from. He only ripped me off for an extra €3500 cash in that deal, but during the transaction, the Junta de Andalucia brought in a new rural land law, and I lost my right to build 300m2, entirely. On the other hand, 3 years later, the psycho Swede sold his other plot, opposite me, (through Viva, and incidentally I believe, never paid them.) for twice what I paid, which included an amount for services etc, of around €25,000.
The purchasers…or Viva, have never seen him since, and they are now having to pay again for what he didn’t provide. Fortunately, I know where he is, and one day….
Anyway, the point of this is, did I blame my lawyer for allowing this to happen? No! Did I try and blame anyone else? No! It was my fault, for buying from a crook. You can call it anything you like, but I was entirely to blame for letting myself get in the position, to be ripped off. And I should have known better. OK, so what’s that got to do with estate agents? Nothing!… but my neighbours bought through Viva. was it Viva’s fault?. No not at all! Viva offered this property for sale in good faith, sold it, and were ripped off themselves. My neighbours were ripped off for at least €25,000, and do they blame Viva? No, not at all. They know that they were naive in not keeping a large retention, (as I did), and they blame nobody but themselves,(well maybe their lawyer 🙂 )
I re-iterate. If something goes wrong in a property transaction, the estate agent always generally, (for Charlie), gets the blame. And OK we accept that. It’s part of the job description, and it’s there for us to deal with, and try and sort out. But for heavens sake, it’s not fair, and it’s very often not right, and if you want to criticise me for standing up for myself… carry on. On the other hand, why not move on and enjoy your life, or maybe get one. After all life, is just too short. You that I speak of, are doing just as much damage to the housing market here, as any of the crooked lawyers, or crooked, so called estate agents and crooked developers, have done in the past 10 years. Every negative comment, here or elsewhere, is picked up by someone, and passed down the line. How much do you think ends up in the British media. They’re having a field day. The natives are fighting between themselves. They don’t need to do or say anything, but they do.
Every negative comment that appears, brings down the value of all our properties, a few points a time. I repeat…It’s time to move on.

And Charlie, I have noted all your sarcastic comments, and your nit-picking, and I’m not going to rise to the bait, but I will give you some advice. If you think that maybe I, as a new contributor am oversensitive…

I just wish some of these newer EA contributors would read posts properly before sounding off and criticising. Their oversensitivity seems to cloud their ability to understand the written word.

Maybe it’s time, for you as an old member, to retire, and for the forum to recruit more positive and sensible members. Victor Meldrew was funny, you’re not. You’re just a joke that nobody laughs at. 😛
That’s the end of this thread for me, because I’ve got more important things to do, than spend hours here, although I’m sure we’ll meet again in future threads. ¿Buenas noches!