Reply To: Estate Agents STILL misleading purchasers


Peter Good – you say “An apology would be appropriate!”.
There’s no need for one, you totally misinterpreted my post and for some reason decided to take it personally.

I said …… “the real world for many agents consists of lying through their back teeth, happy to say anything to get a sale”.
Note the word many, absolutely no mention of you or the name Peter Good.
I didn’t put you in that group of many but obviously for some reason – you did.

My comment that many agents lie is perfectly appropriate for the subject of this thread and is something I know many here on SPI have experienced, including myself.

If you feel a need to “re-evaluate the advice and comments” I post, that is up to you. But to be honest, I didn’t join this forum to impress agents. I joined to seek advice and possibly help others in the same unfortunate position that I was in. Lied to by my agent, deceived by my lawyer and my monies fraudently held onto by the developer when they knew they weren’t going to build anything. Over the last couple of years I’ve appreciated the help I’ve received on SPI and when I can, hopefully I’ve been able to give a little help back to others with the knowledge I’ve gained.
If an agent wants to re-evaluate all that or anything I post in the future, then be my guest – I won’t lose any sleep over it.

I think for your unprovoked and unwarranted outburst (including the words ‘quite disgusting’) an apology would be appropriate?