Reply To: Estate Agents STILL misleading purchasers


In this week´s Sur, Viva are advertising a 2 bed Apt. on Alhaurin Golf saying it is superb spec/quality and in an excellent location.

Ask any owner there and they say the Build is rubbish, no sound insulation whatsoever, neighbours sound as if they are in the same apartment, noisy plumbing (you can hear your neighbours in bathrooms as well).

Excellent location? Everyone says Alhaurin Golf is known for constant break-ins and robberies, there is NO security at the entrance gate and there is no intention for any according to the cunning developer´s chap working in the sales office.

There are over 30 resales privately from people trying to get out.

So Viva, don´t make untrue statements about what you are selling, don´t lower yourselves to the tricks used by other well known Costa sharks!
Why do some agents lie continuously?

This topic started off with these comments above from Angie, and from what I have seen of this forum, has gone the way many of the other topics go….”Let’s use it as an excuse to slag off all estate agents, because we’ve had a terrible experience and made a bad mistake, involving a property purchase.”
Well I’m sorry but that’s crap, and annoying, and insulting. Proper estate agents, don’t rip people off, and don’t need to rip people off, because they are very successful at what they do, and they do it very well.
These unfortunate people who have this axe to grind, have bought properties from crooks….There is no other word for them. A lot of the time these purchasers have been very naive, and a lot of the time they have been very greedy, and a lot of the time they have been downright stupid, and a lot of the time they have been unlucky, and very sadly, many have just been been ripped off. That doesn’t mean these people have the right to blame every estate agent in the land for their problems. It’s just not at all fair. I would never ever, condone what has been going on here for years, and is still going on with so called “emerging markets”, marketed fiercely by the likes of companies that we can’t even discuss on this forum, but please don’t for one moment put us all in the same category. I have never ripped anybody off, and I have never misled anyone, and I’ve been in business for over 30 years. I would add that I am far from being an exception in this profession, as there are many, many honest estate agents, who work to a high ethical standard.
In my first estate agency, I spent at least one morning a week, in the small claims court, trying to recover unpaid commissions, after successful sales, so please explain to me who’se getting ripped off there? There are far more crooked vendors, than there will ever be crooked estate agents, and there are plenty of crooked purchasers too.

And from “Just Frank”;

I have been involved in sales most of my life and the difference is that I have never sold anything that I had to lie about.
A good salesman gives overall sales advice is confident about his product or service and leaves customers in a position to make an informed decision.
Estate agents work for both buyers and seller if not he is not worth his salt the object being to get the right price the seller wants and the right price being the the amount the buyer is willing to pay.
Happy seller
Happy buyer
Happy estate agent as he is paid

And also from “Just Frank”

can assure you that its the same just packed up different.
6 Years as an estate agents and 4 as a business broker its still about bringing buyers and sellers together negotiating the price,picking up the bits when the toys go out of the pram.
Bring them back to the table and work with both buyer and seller to ensure the deal doesnt fall out of bed.
Good estate agents dont sell,they ensure that the property they are taking on is the right price for the market and recommend the seller carries out variuos works to enhance to value then find the buyer who in many cases is on your list of potential buyers who are relying on you to find the property of their dreams.
If your good then its not about selling,its bloody hard work to be good at what you do.


Thank You Frank for your well informed and professional comments. You and Peter Good are 100% correct in what you both say.

Apologies for this quite long post, but finally in reply to Angie; I don’t agree with your criticism of Viva in this instance, although I have many criticisms of them myself. ( For another time maybe).
Firstly, do you ever expect any estate agent to advertise a property as having a shit spec/quality. It’s never going to happen. All vendors, (you included Angie,when you are selling), expect their property to be marketed in the best possible way, and described in the most complimentary manner. If we didn’t do this we wouldn’t have a portfolio of properties to sell. In fact, we wouldn’t have one property to sell. I know these properties enough to say, that the quality is similar to what you will find all over the Costa del Sol. It’s not great, but it’s not bad, and as most of them are holiday homes, most owners are perfectly happy with them.
Secondly, what’s wrong with the location of Alhaurin Golf. It’s a great location, if that’s what you want. You obviously don’t want it, but there are many hundreds of owners who do. Five minutes from Alhaurin el Grande, twenty minutes from the beach, ten minutes from Mijas, thirty minutes from the airport, GOLF! Etc, etc.
A correct criticism of them would be that they are very much overpriced, and I don’t know why. I would much rather own a property on Mijas Golf, as it’s only 10 minutes from the beach, and all the shops and restaurants in Fuengirola, and just as close to Mijas, and even closer to the airport.

Yes there are 30 or so for sale. That doesn’t mean those 30 owners are all unhappy there. People sell properties for a multitude of reasons; job re-location, financial, larger property, smaller property, moving closer to the coast, moving further from the coast, illness, bereavement, etc,etc.

I can’t comment on the security issues that you mention, because I just don’t know, and I’ve never heard of any extraordinary security problems about this development before. You have to remember that there is a growing burglary/crime problem here, all over coastal regions and now moving inland, but in general, it’s a damn site safer here than in the UK. From my experience here, the Policing is much better, although with room for improvement, but they do need to deal with the problem of immigrants arriving here with no cash, and turning to crime as a means of support. Funnily enough, that reminds me of the UK too. At least here, I don’t think you get a life sentence if you shoot an intruder who breaks into your house, or I hope not, because I’m not firing blanks. 😀 😉 👿
By the way, there are gated complexes on Alhaurin golf too, if you need that extra security. ¡Buenas noches!