Reply To: Estate Agents STILL misleading purchasers


Hi Paul,

I have always considered as an agent that I work for both.

The ideal is to get a well priced property for the buyer whilst trying not to rob the vendor.

The second ideal is to then mediate between the 2 parties and keep the sale ticking along until completion.

After completion, I must remind both parties what a good job I have done in the hope they will recommend others to use me.

Advertising brings both Vendors and buyers, so in effect it has cost me money to attract them and consequently I must look after what I have paid for.

The above is a rather basic form of business ethics and practices and during tough times, it pays to constantly revisit them. It may not make you as rich as the liars and conmen, but at least it aleviates the need for night-time sedatives.

More power to you if this is the case i agree that it is good business to look after the buyer in the hope that they would recommend. It was the case with our EA and I’ve recommended him many times. I am still sure he worked for the vendor and himself in the first instance. It was only the fact that i was a “live one” that this care was taken. We have since become friends.

That said if I had been a “Fly Buy” with the inclination to buy anything, would he have stopped me i don’t know, I must ask him :-).

Clearly no one should be taken to the cleaners, BUT Estate Agents work for the vendor and their own pocket (as do ALL salespeople.) Some will consider your feeling as it is good for repeat business and of course depends on whether they are interested in repeat business.