Reply To: Estate Agents STILL misleading purchasers


oh dear, here we go again!

if you are, or would be happy telling lies to customers, (or probably anyone?) then i guess your opinion on here will be…. ‘in the real world people tell lies, that’s called business, and it’s up to you to be sharp enough to see through them’ ……..So not hard to see who you think is in the wrong in angies first and second posts?

Well that attitude, left unregulated (as is often the case in Spain) on a much grander scale, has probably done more damage to Spain than anything else apart from the economic situation. and caused misery for so many people. For heavens sake, lying is not acceptable, there has to be some morel code, some decency, some truths, some honesty, otherwise what are we left with? You only have to read about some of the agents/developers/councils/mayors/judges on this site, to answer that one!

Do we really want a ‘big brother’ situation’ where nothing can be done without massive and intrusive regulation at every step, because there are so many scum bags constantly telling lies, cheating, betraying any trust, and prepared to sell their soul for the next buck?. The real world of the not to distant future?

Of course everyone should do their homework, and not blame others for their lost gambles, but when it comes to blatant lies, that’s not business, that’s just fraud.