Reply To: Estate Agents STILL misleading purchasers


@charlie wrote:

Sorry Peter, but in my opinion “buy now if you want to make a profit” is an unnecessary blatant porky-pie. No need to say that when advising clients re. looking for property.
Just show them properties they are interested in and cut out the unnecessary/misleading ‘bull’.

I agree charlie, the bull is a blatent lie. But to not highlight the negatives is also decieving and 2 wrongs don´t make a right.

This is the classic salespersons catch 22.

Our TV screens are full of miss-leading advertising for loans, alcohol, washing powder etc. All claiming things that are not true.

If, for example, it´s ok to claim RED BULL gives you wings, or that anti-wrinkle cream works when it doesn´t, then who is going to stop this nonsense first, whoever does will be the first to go bust.

FSA´s have to warn clients by law, about the possible risks when making an investment, Jaguar salesmen don´t!

Cigarette packets carry warnings about health, Carlsberg don´t.

To say the property market is not in decline is only an opinion, though I don´t condone it, it could be that agent is doing well and therefore his opinion may be correct in his eyes.

I know of one particular agent in my town who is doing better than last year, I don´t know how or why, but, he can tell his clients he has never been busier. He has very cheap properties and can tell his clients they will make a profit if they buy now, it just depends on how long before they see it.