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Dear Mike

Quoting me so many times leads me to assume you are looking for answers.

Bernard, that is between you and your psychologist.

Getting on…….

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May I recommend that your Google “European Property Review” and when you reach the 2005 summary go to the chapter on second home ownership and carefully read the about the economic fundamentals which influence this market.

You’ll have to provide a link, there are so many real estate cowboys that publish European Property Reviews that I may not find the review that you recommend.

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I am optimistic that there will be a recovery as Spain currently receives 57 million tourists each year. Right now the outlook is bleak and I expect an all out property crash followed by an economic recession as Spain is heavily dependent upon the construction sector.

Parts of Spain have been ruined, other parts of Spain have been improved. The interior of Spain is as striking as ever and many villages and towns are looking better than they have ever looked before. This will appeal to those looking to visit Spain and to those wishing to live in Spain.


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Between now and 2015, some 500 airports will be built in China. When the Chinese have enough airports and aeroplanes with which to travel, tourism will grow exponentially and some of this will reach Spain.


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As to timings, this is pure guess work and I have put forward my thoughts.

You have, but they were as valid as a 10 year old girl shouting very loud that she WILL have a pony!!