Reply To: The BBC want volunteers



The problem with this on the LVDA website is that the committee appears to have arranged interviews with the Mayor etc without getting the agreement or filming schedule from the BBC first (there is no date on the email to the BBC). The BBC by their own admission is in Spain only for 2 days apparently and wanting to concentrate on the plight of people in Turre who are having a rail link through their homes. This emphasis seems to have changed from the original request for information about anyone who has an illegal house under threat of demolition or been demolished (see Tasony’s original post).

Apparently, the piece is only going to 10 mins long – hardly enough time to give the complexity of the illegal building situation in Albox and the surrounding area the attention it deserves.

Emily Stein of the BBC has responded to other peoples concerns (on another forum local to Albox) relating to potential bias or lack of balance in its reporting of any Spanish property stories.

The LVDA committee were quite happy to invite the BBC to meet with them and then, when rejected on this occasion, has said that there is no point dealing with the British media. Would they have said this if the BBC had agreed to meet up and had had more time to do so?

I have concerns about LaVozdeAlbox and their motivations. 😕