Reply To: Spanish property market 2007/2008 report discussion


“Between now and 2015, some 500 airports will be built in China. When the Chinese have enough airports and aeroplanes with which to travel, tourism will grow exponentially and some of this will reach Spain” – So obviously we are assuming that the Chinese will not suffer before 2015 any financial crisis which would result in people not being able to afford travel?
We are also assuming that there will be flights from these new airports, to Spain?
We assume that the airline companies will not suffer any financial setbacks, which will allow them growth to operate from so many airports.
Should we also assume that the current trend in the decline of tourism in Spain ( hasn’t CDS just had the quietest January since 2002), will not continue, but see an increase?
Are we to assum that “tourism will grow exponentially and some of this will reach Spain”, by the Chinese, will be greater that the loss of tourists from other Countries?
Should we all guess yes, just to make everything seem that in say 2 years, all will be OK, there will be no troubles with the institutions and everyone who wants a holiday home will buy in Spain, as no other Country compares.
Superb, every wait a year or two, risk your shirt in buying in Spain and see great rental returns and capital growth.
Isn’t that what developers and agents offered and could only see the positive?
One does that sort of thing when it suits.