Reply To: The BBC want volunteers



Name and shame, on open forum goodstitch44, these “vile” people who have this expressed ” I’m all right jack……” attitude you refer to.

It has been suggested, something I have agreed with, that sometimes people must take a least some responsibility for their actions.
However duped by professional bodies, in particular lawyers, is something we more fortunate (there but for the Grace of God go I ) purchasers have expressed we have every empathy for and am sure many are trying to assist in highlighting the problem.

The only posting with such a disgraceful attitude I have read was on a forum fran is alluding to . Quite rightly no-one agreed.

Unfortunately the media, because of the financial imput of advertising they need, edit the reporting of corruption in such a way as to leave the viewer/reader believing the purchaser was niave.

Spain, sans corruption, is a great place to live and will be even better when people like Suzanne can make the Powers that Be take notice and appropriate action.