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If the Spanish authorities continue with their present policy of making property buyers pay to legalise their property and basically leave untouched the big fish in the corruption pool, then one case of a demolition or someone paying to legalise their property when they had the correct paperwork issued, or so they were told, is one case too many. FUTURE BUYERS MUST BE WARNED OF WHAT HAS HAPPENED. The Spanish community still cannot understand why foreigners are no longer buying, they seem oblivious to demolitions,illegal builds etc. making buyers rather nervous.

I know that probably 80% of property purchases have gone through without a problem and that the owner is quite happy, this still does not excuse the 20% that have been ripped off, conned,or are living under the threat of the Sword of Damocles not knowing if they will have to pay a fortune to “legalise” their property or if it will be pulled down. Then there is the famous LRAU and LUV laws, where one can lose part of one´s plot and pay fortune for the priviledge.

i agree with your sentiments but these programmes just become vvvvvv one sided and completely unbalanaced, they make out that if its 80% problem purchases, which is just plain wrong. I have no problem with highlighting the problems, BUT take a balanced approach. the prob they sometimes have too is that they choose examples where the purchasers have just been plain stupid so don’t really get their point across either in relation to the problems hence many people when they buy don’t consider the issues as important as they should be, they just smply think that it wont happen to me i’m not that daft, but some of the probs are much more difficult to be aware of.