Reply To: The BBC want volunteers



The problem in advising would be buyers of the pitfalls of buying in Spain, is that the people who haven’t been scammed; have their head in the sand over the legality of their properties or those who have started businesses, do not want any type of bad press for their adopted area.

Instead they round on the people who are trying to warn others of scams saying that the negative press will kill or is killing the local economy. Businesses closing, house prices going down etc.

It would appear that they would much rather more Brits move to the area, run the risk of getting duped, but….that’s Ok, the local economy is still thriving as it’s taking the money still. I’m alright Jack – and these are Brits. How fair is that? Not very!!
They also fail to recognise that there are other financial pressures for the failure of businesses and it is not just a local problem.

We have an illegal house, but I would not want anyone else to go through this kind of hell. Not knowing if we will be demolished by the Junta of Andalucia this month, in six months or a year. This is despite having bought in good faith and still having to pay the mortgage on said property.

Could I in all conscience keep quiet about the type of corrupt practices that have gone on and undoubtedly still do (if any of these threads are to be believed)? Absolutely not.