Reply To: Spanish property market 2007/2008 report discussion


Sadly Charlie times have moved on and your experience would now cost many thousands and probably be contrived to appear that way.

Regardless of the view of some here, we are all time poor (and poorer for it) and many of us still only have time for a quick fix. I would like to vary my holiday destinations a little, but like many I suspect want to get were I’m going as quickly as possible so we can enjoy our time together, all with as little fuss as possible (very important if you have children in tow). To be honest it’s the fact that we are together which is important not the destination really. Flying is no longer “a part of the holiday” as it was for me at 19 on my first flight abroad anywhere (Spain as it happens). In fact my children look forward to the flights as they know they will get a lollipop to suck and they like sweets (like all kids). So quick and easy flights are very important for us.

Spain is not so bad and has all of the things many people enjoy. The food in Spain is fresh (on most fish counters it’s so fresh it’s still moving) and tastes like food should. I disagree that it’s expensive in fact I would say it’s very good value for money, better value than the UK and I live “up north”. We walk, go shopping, look at the sights, play on the beach, play golf and we even don’t mind “warm” rain from time to time.

Spain has a great deal to offer, I don’t regret buying in Spain we adore going the children have talked of nothing else for a week (or is that the lollipop 🙂 ) as we fly tomorrow.

I bought over three years ago so the comment below doesn’t apply I assume.

I guess that anybody who bought an apartment in Spain a year ago must be attempting to somehow justify such a decision by suggesting that they are time poor