Reply To: ‘Pay-to-legalise-your-property’ begins



135yearswaiting – a great post and my sentiments exactly in all you have said. Nice to see a ‘strong’ post aimed in the right direction for a change.

I take heart in reading the Brits and Germans are forming a protest group, and can only hope that Francisco González the Town Hall spokesman has got it wrong that some people have already paid. Am sure the Vera case has got everyone’s indignation boiled up nicely so will be intesting to watch the outcome of this group’s actions.

It really takes the biscuit when the very source of most of all the corruption deems it right to levy a charge on purchasers to put it all right.
And as Katy rightly questions, they don’t even have the power to 100% legalise the properties anyway.

Let’s hope the German/Brit alliance proves a match for this new Spanish con-trick.