Reply To: Spanish property market 2007/2008 report discussion


@jwc wrote:

Katy you do seem to have a big chip on your shoulder about Spain I don’t think you have made any positive remarks lately. We bought a apartment a year ago and would love to spend more time there, but due to work commitments so far have not been out as often as I would have liked. I was out at New Year where else could you go 2 1/2 hours from the UK, 18 degrees, a nice game of golf and cheap booze. Its not all bad as I said just wish I could afford more time to be there.

What do you mean about a chip on my shoulder ❓ Does it not cross your mind that as I have lived here a long long time that I see things as they are. How exactly can you compare your views with mine, you pop out now and then! And no, I am not negative about everything but, just to continue with the trend it has been bloody freezing here the last few days…18C..dream on 🙂

Cheap golf…what do you call cheap? Yes it is great to pop out in 2and a bit hours, we did it for years and it was great, I just think that Spain has lost the plot at the moment and apparently I am not alone.