Reply To: Spanish property market 2007/2008 report discussion



There is an interesting trend emerging which is shorter and more frequent visits, and therefore the cost and availability of flights is of prime consideration as are the costs of the activities at the destination.

I empathise with Katy as complacency has made Spain less attractive and less competitive, and I understand her negative comments as mine at this moment are possibly even more draconian. I have had the benefit to move away from Spain and to make comparisons with one of its smaller competitors, which has suffered a severe downturn economically and where tourism is growing as a result of an adjustment to reality.

I was with a hotel management group yesterday who confirmed that the hotel industry on the Costa del Sol had suffered a decline. Clearly the absence of all those highly subsidised inspection trips, paid for by the developers and agents, has led to a decrease in occupancy as from memory these inspection trips and press visits were normally held out of season to get better rates.

It is at times such as these when we can analyse revenue streams more precisely and plan how to re structure to remain competitive. I fear for tourist areas in Spain which have been so degraded by overbuilding and which now lack any form of appeal. It is difficult to think of a way forward.