Reply To: Spanish property market 2007/2008 report discussion

charlie wrote:
1. Less money around, the credit squeeze beginning to have an effect.
2. A bit of disenchantment with Spain with new emerging holiday destinations. Want to try something new.
3. A Brit. rebellion beginning to bite re. disgust at all the corruption.

Or maybe a combination of all three?

It is more because of number 1).

Also, the cost of living has increased in UK by at least £1300/year during the last 12 months.
People have to find this money somewhere. First thing they can cut are the holidays abroad,
they are not neccesary for everyday living.

About number 2), flights to Spain are much cheaper than the ones to Morocco and
Turkey or Egypt so for cheap holidays Spain is still better.

About number 3), I guess tourists do not know or do not care about the corruption in Spain…