Reply To: Tourist apartments sold as normal apartments in El Ejido



The corruption surrounding these apartments is even worse.

As I understand it planning permission allowed for the buildings of the complex to be built with 3 floors and an atico, in line with all the other properties in the resort. The buildings were eventually completed with an extra 2 floors! So now the complex is out of character with the other buildings along the beachfront. Also the four buildings of the complex are extremly close, so with the extra height the vast majority of the apartments are in complete shade all day. I really do feel sorry for those that have bought into this complex.

On another note the complex was empty for over a year after compeletion as I suppose the local council decided what to do (as if they couldn’t see an extra too floors being added during construction, idiots!!) Even today I think it is 95% unoccupied, or it certainly looks that way.

Here’s the complex, choosen with the best photos, but of course none from an actual apartment!! Where the sklyline would be filled with concrete.