Reply To: Naming and shaming



Thank you for your comments so far.

I must clarify my intentions: the point about naming and shaming is not just about Spain, or on this forum.

Since the National Association of Estate Agents in the UK “took over” FOPDAC. There has been one occasion when the NAEA has warned UK estate agents about a developer in Florida. This action set off the debate with members.

Also in the news is Superior Homes going into liquidation. The auditors Price Waterhouse & Coopers, blamed the developers for not paying over commissions.

For developers not to pay their agents is a sign of the times, but I believe that purchasors will also loose out. If a developer is willing to stitch up the “hand that feeds” how will “he” treat his customers?

As I mentioned, this is not about naming and shaming on this forum, it is about your opinions on the principle.