Reply To: Tourist apartments sold as normal apartments in El Ejido


katy wrote:
Heard that happens in the Canaries too!

Quite a lot of problems on Costa Blanca too.

Touristic appartments are very complicated. The main problems stems from the fact that many developers have built according to planning permissions “Tourist flats”, the cost of permissions is much less than for a conventional flat. There are all sort of complications as to letting, basically touristic flats can only be let for short periods to the same person ie 1 or 2 weeks. As they are sold to buyers who do not realise the difference between a touristic flat and a conventional flat, they either live in it permanently themselves or let it for long periods. The town hall finds out what is happening, and demands the difference between what was paid for planning permission for a touristic flat and what would have been the cost for conventional flats, this can be quite a large sum. Time will have passed , the developer is nowhere to be seen, who pays? The buyer of course.

There are many other complications with touristic flats, in the present climate probably better not to touch with a bargepole.