Reply To: Villamartin


Generally VM is pleasant to visit, though it is devoid of any real Spanish-ness. Mostly British owners and residents.

There are a very wide-ranging choice of properties and out-looks. Some golf and some open country views.

Prices have been hit for the past year and are coming down steadily.

New build available in certain areas. Resales are plentiful.

There is a desperately high crime rate, mostly break-ins. I have half a dozen friends who, without exception, have all suffered more than 1 in the past year. One friend who has lived there for four years has had at least 8, despite having fitted Rejas and even an alarm system.

I have never sold a property there as crime was always a severe problem 8 years back when I began in the business.

I don´t see much point in offering anything there for sale if I am aware of the problem of crime.

I´m sure there will be many who have never suffered such fates, they will think quite differently to me and reccommend it. It´s just that I could not live there because of the possibility of frequent crime and would register my concerns to anyone asking.