Reply To: PW – Explain please


“Why would anyone think a celebrity golfer gives any credence to a development He will just have been paid for the ad’ “

Katy,….A little cynical methinks…….

Having been a golfer for many years I am of the opinion that Jack Nicklaus would not let his name / reputation be damaged by associating himself with poor or dodgy business dealings,…however on reflection perhaps his involvement in the whole PW thing begins and ends with golf course design, …he therefore has zero involvement in the building / construction part of the business.

Yes….I am sure he was paid for use of his name,…but he’s spent too long building a good reputation to allow it to be damaged, by a 3rd party.

For sure I do not know the answer, but I do believe that the Jack Nicklaus ‘name’ is one of the major selling points for golfers who may decide to purchase a PW property.

To kpw4v….Thanks, I will certainly have a look at the link you posted.

ralita,..Thanks also….As I mentioned in a previous post , I’ve never actually been to any PW site, so your comments are welcome.