Reply To: PW – Explain please



Hello Ian,….No I do not work for PW……I am still working in what is left of the UK manufacturing industry….but I may not be employed for too much longer, and hence I would like to use that ‘break’ to start something new in Spain.
The reason I asked for some background is that from my vantage point in the UK, I only see the TV adverts for PW, and I occasionally look at the web site. Now from those perspectives my impression is that PW offers very eye catching properties, within some picturesque settings…the Jack Nicklaus endorsement does add some weight to their campaigns also.

When I read this forum, I see a fair amount of criticism, …..criticism that I don’t really see or hear in the UK. Now maybe I’m looking in the wrong places, but that’s the truth of it,……and I wanted to get as much info as I could before I make the jump.

The forum replies have been interesting, and especially PeterP, and Charlie’s ……( Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply ) I would not begin to guess what the eventual outcome of that will be.
One last point,…..I’ve never been to any PW location, nor been on any viewing trips, so I have not seen it with my own eyes. Perhaps when I eventually get the chance to visit a PW location, I will be as convinced of their shortcomings as the posters on this board,….but for now….I don’t think I have enough evidence to make a judgement.