Reply To: Bank Guarantee expiry date – Supreme Court resolution




If it went against the banks perhaps we may need to brace for this injustice to follow. đŸ˜ˆ
I have a Bank that said I had a good case based on a bank guarantee that I paid for MYSELF only to be now told that the developers have instructed said bank to not pay out. đŸ˜•
Now if someone can tell me the use of these so called legals including bank guarantees that were there to protect us then I would like to know.
Now I have to take both the developer and the bank to court and have been told I have a strong case. đŸ˜¯
I must add a strong case thats been going on for many years without even an inkling of when the case will be heard,(2009 min)
Like wise this strong case I am supposed to have will no doupt end up with the same unjust judgements we see every day from a very corrupt legal system đŸ˜ˆ

Frank 8)