Reply To: Bank Guarantee expiry date – Supreme Court resolution




well we put our deposit down in June 2002. It all started going wrong about two years ago when i told our lawyer at the time that i thought his advice to complete on a property with several huge breaches of contract, and over two years late build time, was crazy. He was offended and still insisted we complete!. We then fell out, and soon after we found a decent lawyer, we were told about no BG and the really bad news that our UK agent, the UK lawyer we were put in touch with, the Spanish lawyer they put us in touch with, and the developer were all in cahoots with taking us for a ride!

I said at the time to the lawyer we have now, ‘are you expecting me to believe i was being ripped-off by a UK agent, a UK lawyer, a Spanish lawyer and a Spanish developer’……..he said ‘well yes’!

So, what will happen in May with our court case, who knows? How much clearer can our case be? Our lawyer says our fate will depend on the judge on the day?