Reply To: PW – Explain please



Hi John
A man called Facundo Armero was previously a partner in Polaris World (before he sold off his share for 300 million €) and is currently under suspicion as the main man in a large corruption investigation. He is one of the 14 suspects who have been questioned so far in the case.

In this investigation, a telephone conversation was recorded by court order, where Armero is heard saying to the Mayor of Torre Pacheco, Daniel García, ‘I want the Torre Pacheco zoning plans approved now.’
Maybe that is how permissions for PW was obtained???

The investigation includes: misappropriation of funds, influence peddling, bribery, perversion of the justice, revealing secret information, and fraud.
Possibly Armero’s previous connection with PW as a partner has something to do with the bad press? Planning documents have been seized in this investigation – will be interesting to see if anything directly concerning PW is discovered.