Reply To: Drop Em’


@Just Frank wrote:

Thousands are not completing as they had no intention in the first place./ Then those that realised they paid over the top and last simply because they cant and look to the forums for support and answers on how to get out of the contract.

Hi Frank – you forgot a fourth and important category of those not completing. They are those who simply do not feel comfortable with completing on an illegal property. And until a LFO is issued, that is what a property is. Recent news re. demolitions have no doubt compounded these feelings.

I appreciate there are some who take the ‘win a few, lose a few’ attitude, but there are those in the Autumn years of their life or with their total life savings who simply wanted a worry-free holiday or permanent or retirement place, and completing on something that is illegal is just not an option they want to take. And indeed, if that is their decision – why should they.