Reply To: Drop Em’


It would depend totally on the property,which development,area and what I paid.
I do have one that I was not prepared to walk away from as I feel the I bought it for the fair price and over the longer term it will be a fair punt.
There are masses of property that developers have not sold and the simple reason is that the greed factor meant they kept on raising prices when in fact the market had peaked.
There is no doupt that prices in OVERPRICED 😯 developments(Duquesa has pointed to just one) will fall buy whatever is needed to bring them in line with the market.
I.E Two developments next door to each other,same spec,veiws etc
One purchased at 300,000 euros and the other 400,000 euros bought at the same time needless to say that the higher priced one has got further to fall. 😕
There are some developments that I can see dropping by 50% +others that were priced right in good areas maybe 10% from 2003 values.
This one fits all that all property will fall by equal amounts is plain stupid as some will fair better and again, ITS WHAT YOU PAID 😆

Frank 8)