Reply To: Glut of newly built Spanish properties is 2 x demand


Ben K wrote:
ralita wrote:
Its quite a depressing future ahead or the UK but I think thats why so many people continue to move abroad, be it Spain, NZ, anywhere…its just so expensive for anyone to survive in the UK!

175 pound is a very good price for the rental – can I ask where abouts?

Things are becoming more and more expensive in UK, but I think it is a general phenomenon everywhere (we got used to cheap prices…).
In UK the credit crunch might prevent people from getting credit for holidays or purchases abroad. As the house prices are becopming stationary or falling, houses cannot be used anymore as ATMs…

I rented somewhere in Puerto de la Duquesa. I do not know the area but seems to be a decent apartment. If I do not like it, I won’t return, it is only one week afterall. :)))