Reply To: Costa del Sol agents closing down



A very sad story, one I expect to be repeated many times over. These companies are almost like a pyramid , so many of them come from nowhere open up 5-10 offices take on staff ,always self employed ,during the good times it works, when the famine comes their stores are empty and run on air then collapse ruining the lives of thousands.

I remember in the mid 80´s , I think it was Thames Tv did a programme called Sun ,Sea ,Swindle relating the adventures of various people who had bought or were thinking of buying on the Costas. One poor guy bought a property that had been sold twice and had lost all his money. But what I really remember is a couple who had come out on an inspection flight for three days and were being whisked around the coast at 100 mph. They were interviewed after the first day and it went somethinglike this.

Interviewer How are you getting on,have you bought anything yet?

Punter, Mug ,Buyer. We have seen some nice properties but my
husband and I will go back to a misty cold day in
Bristol and discuss it fully. We are not stupid.

Now forward 24 hours ;
Inter Have you seen anthing you really like?

P,M,B Well yes we have paid a deposit on a property.
John the sales rep is so honest and nice and we have
met the developer. We are sure we are in good

These were professional people, doctors I think, what had come over them in 24 hours to make what would be the second largest investment in their life?

There was as far as I know no follow up programme, I would love to know how they got on . Hopefully it was not a scam,and they lived happily ever after. Unfortunately the estate ageny closed down within a year so the portents are not good. Wonder where “Honest John “is now. What I cannot understansd is how a couple of above average intelligence could be taken in and make such an important investment decision in such a short time.

There used to be a saying that British people leave their brains at Gatwick airport , how true that is/was.