Reply To: Help – Your thoughts on La Manga Club price drop?


Hi, we own an apartment at La Torre which I have to say we are very, very happy with, I do appreciate that it may not be to everyone’s taste, horses for courses and all that, in fact we rented several apartments and villas at the La Manga club as this was our first choice but eventually decided it was not for us (congratulations to sun seeker by the way for finding somewhere he loves which I think is what it’s all about) we found the bars and restaurants to be much too quiet all year round for our taste and the airport journey a bit of a drag as we can only fly out for short visits.
I would like to ask ralita what he/she meant by “junky place” and maybe point me in the direction of the “bad quality buildings” that are falling apart, the build quality at La Manga is definitely no better than that of La Torre even though twice the price.
Although there are a number of investors “property experts” who bought blocks of properties at La Torre in order to make a quick killing and have now come unstuck, there are also a large number like me who bought their little place in the sun as a holiday home, and some as their only home, La Torre isn’t quite finished yet but as far as I am aware Polaris have delivered everything they promised.
May I ask that when some of you “property experts” talk about Polaris world and La Torre in the same way you might talk about a piece of dirt you remember that you are talking about someone’s home, and it’s not always just about the big bucks, unless you want me coming around to your house with a note pad passing comments?