Reply To: Register for European Citizens

Inez wrote:
You know me Shakeel – others dont (lucky so and so’s! 😆 )

It is totally useless. Once my residencia card runs out I have to get one – I am tempted to tke a spanish passport though!

I will actually reduce and notarize my passport foto for id purposes but this scrap of paer is totally useless. Banks wont accept it as no piccy on it and not officila enough, so what good is it?[/quote)

This again shows Spain in a bad light, take all the EU money going but disregard any directive that does n´t produce money. Handled properly this document could have been useful as it is it is useless.

I say again why do n´t the so called representative of Her Majesty´s Government in Spain ask the Spanish authorities to allow a reduced in sized British passport , certified by a notary to be acceptable as ID. GOD KNOWS THEY CHARGE 200 EUROS FOR A NEW PASSPORT ,PERHAPS THEY COULD THINK HOW TO DO SOMETHING FOR US FOR ONCE INSTEAD OF LIVING LIKE LORDS .