Reply To: Why are british not buying in traditional Spanish areas?



I know Aguilas. It’s a nice little town. The reason why foreigners don’t buy there is because they don’t know about it, because the big agents never brought them there in numbers (no big new developments paying high commissions). And if they did, it would ruin it.

Buy you can forget about high net worth buyers in Almeria. To generalise, it’s a destination for eccentrics and budget buyers. People with big budgets go to the Balearics, Costa Brava, Marbella, Javea, and a few other places. Rich people generally want the option of smart restaurants and smart shops, smart homes, wealthy neighbours, and all the other things that rich people like to have around and can afford. They also like very easy access. The Almerian coastline doesn’t have what it takes to attract the rich, so don’t waste your money building something with them in mind. Having said that, an attractive, good quality villa that offers value for money in the area should sell well to British and other foreign buyers, so long as the price makes sense given the area. Of course, you also have to know how to find them.

Quite unusual to have someone thinking of building actually bother to ask why people buy and what they want. It always amazes me how developers in Spain pay no attention to market research, which explains why so much of the new property in Spain is so awful. If developers spent a bit of time and money finding out what people actually want to buy, property in Spain might not seem so expensive for what it is. It would also be much easier to sell in today’s market, where buyers are well informed, and looking for attractive quality. In the boom developers could sell any old rubbish at any price, but not anymore.