Reply To: There are winners in Spains property market!


Hi Tilly
A very happy update re. ‘winner’ Juan Morales, the ex Partido Popular Mayor of Totana.

As you may recall, he has so far escaped questioning or arrest owing to his status as a regional MP.
Well the good news is this corruption investigation has now been transferred to the Murcia High Court of Justice (the TSJM). This mean that he can now be called in for questioning. 😀
So, no more immunity for poor ol’ Juan, he may just end up joining the ‘losers’ side if justice is done.

You may also recall I wondered what a backhander is worth for a ‘nod & wink’ on 5000 properties. It’s now been reported his backhander was 3 million €.
How the heck do you decide on what car to buy with all that money under the mattress? Oh I forgot, if you can’t decide – you do what he did and buy 3.