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Águilas is exactly between Murcia and Andalucía. I also hope they will not develop in Cabo Cope, the last natural space around Águilas. I think that they are in court right now about this issue.

Yes, if I remember correctly the secluded beaches were about 5 minutes West of Aguillas, just after Calarreona.

Is that Cabo Cope?

Mmm well, just after Calarreona is also mainly unhabited, and it has gorgeous beaches (my favourites). But it is not a natural park. On the other direction, north east, you have Cabo Cope and Cal Negre, a natural park. It has NO beautiful beaches (it is mainly rocks) and for this reason it has not been urbanized up to now. But it is a natural park with local fauna. Now they want to urbanize it, which has created lots of legal fights (I hope they are not allowed to continue building).