Reply To: Why are british not buying in traditional Spanish areas?



@ralita wrote:

So how could a person not living in Aguillas (say somebody living in Madrid or Granada) find out about the people who sell the old houses? Is it like a little secret? 🙂

Do what they do in Greece, go to the local cafes where the locals (especially the men!) hang out, get chatting, ask around and put the word out you’re interested in the locality. It’s surprising how quick this grapevine works. It’s how we found our land, the cafe in the local village was full of goat farmers – waiting for the wife to finish cooking dinner. 😉

This activity however is out of the realm of most Brits who are new to the whole buying process and are content to stay in the comfort zone of glossy brochures and everything ‘on a plate’, organised viewing trips etc.

My guess is I think the average Brit. purchaser just wants a villa/townhouse in the sun complete with little garden (or modern appartment) and vastly outnumber those wanting something a bit more traditional. But for sure there is a market there albeit a smaller one.