Reply To: Demolitions in Vera and Albox


If you are still thinking of buying in Spain then do so – whilst there are huge fears on all accounts, there are good properties around, legal and safe. Make sure you have a good independant lawyer – and there are several – and that the property is fully legal and on the PGOU.

Dont go for off-plan unless its about to complete in which case you will get a bargain from others desperate to sell.

Despite what you hear, its quite bouyant, each day is different, I was quiet yesterday, traditionally a busy day, but today I will be back to a 12 hour one – and I havent left my chair!

Might be an idea to rent for a while until you get your bearings and then look for a good deal in the area you want. If not available, then wait as it wont be long.

If you are a cash buyer then you will do well – many cash buyers out now BUT offering around 50% of General agency prices, therefore in reality about 60% of a bank val price. You may not get it the fist time around or be resufed totally, but they are out there.

Good luck and enjoy.