Reply To: Spanish property market 2008: soft landing or train wreck?



Frank, just trying to make a point, which many seem to overlook, especially those who only see what the sale value of their home is and not consider outgoings.
My own personal experience, for the home I have at present is that it was in superb condition when purchased for £x, but in the first 12 months, more than the purchase price had been spent and altering, extending, decor, etc. In year 3, 4 times £x was offered, although the property was not for sale. I was discussing this with a friend who thought me silly not to consider. But sitting back and thinking, what would I purchase if I sold, what would it cost to have altered to my requirements, what would I have to pay for the base property, the upheaval, etc.,
I have lived in the premises for 10 years now, and its value is way into 7 digits. Again, if I wanted to sell now, I will have to pay simialr sorts of money, then fit out to my own taste, so what would be the profit there.
May look good on paper and may make some feel good to say my house is worth £xxxx, but to me it is a home and I make my business interests make me the profit I require.