Reply To: There are winners in Spains property market!


Yesterday, ex Marbella Mayor Julián Muñoz received a fine instead of prison in his latest planning case. A one year prison sentence was reduced to a fine of 10,800 €.
Not a bad deal I would say, am sure he can find the money somewhere (under his mattress in a brown envelope?).

This was in a case relating to a building licence granted for land classified as not suitable for development.
The fine instead of prison was apparently to ‘speed up the process of all pending planning hearings’.

Both parties are ‘winners’ here:
Muñoz swops a year of losing his freedom for just 10,800 €.
The authorities get the fine to add to their coffers plus saves a bundle in not having to keep him locked up at his Majesty’s pleasure for a year.
Winners all round I would say, and looks like this is how many of his hearings are now going to go, all in the name of ‘speeding up the process’.