Reply To: Demolitions in Vera and Albox


Probably nothing has been on the Spanish media as they dont give a monkeys re English people being scammed.

Wouldn’t look good for Spain, tourism and therefore their economy!

At the end of the day, it has been and still is all about money.

Incidentally, 2 Spanish lawyers told us everything was perfect and legal re our house. We sat in one office and asked the guy straight out if eveything was legal and he had the brass neck to reply “yes, perfect”.

He backed out of the purchase 6/8 weeks later saying that he could not guarantee legality. He had got us to sign a compraventa and part with a deposit the 6/8 weeks prior to this bonbshell and would not be drawn on why it could be illegal.

We took advice from a second lawyer and asked them to double and triple check the legality of the property. We said that we could not afford for it to be illegal. He said it was perfect and helped us to complete at notary.

I have since found out that instead of representing our interests, he was compelled to do what the Spanish seller said and draw up a contract to their liking. He has to my face admitted that he feels partially responsible for the mess we are in. He said that he knows the Spanish people we dealt with are “difficult people”.

Neither of these 2 at any point said that the build was illegal (no permissions or licenses) or that it was built on rural land.

What hope is there if lawyers aren’t on your side when being paid to be?!

Regarding the town hall, even when we signed on the Empadronmiento and gave our address, they did not say we cant take this address as it’s illegal!!!

This was before completion so what hope did we have?